1. Using the SDK

1. Using the SDK

1.1 Sending Open Event

If you prefer to use your own handler for incoming push messages, you may need to send open event to dEngage Platform. So you will be able to see whether the message is opened or not. In this case, please use the following sample code to send open event;

  1. Message message = new Message(intent.getExtras()); // dengage push message payload.

1.2 Setting Your User Contact Key

To set user contact key, please use the following methods. This action requires syncSubscription() function call to notify dEngage Platform.

  1. DengageManager.setContactKey("{user_contact_key}");

1.3 Viewing Logs

By default, the SDK does not show logs. To show logs, Please use the following method;

  1. DengageManager.setLogStatus(true);

1.4 Synching Subscription Values

If you want to change a subscription value at runtime. Please use the syncSubscription() method.

  1. DengageManager.setPermission(true);

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