Realtime in-app

Realtime in-app

In-app messages can now be used to show condition-based messages to the users. Real-time in-app is a flag-connected feature. If you do not activate campaign creation from the content, it will direct you to the journey-based in-app(canvas).

Let's see how you can utilize this feature.
Navigate to campaigns> In-app

and you'll see a list of existing in-app campaigns along with their status.

Create a new in-app campaign by New button on the top right.


Fill in the settings form with the campaign name and schedule. Campaign time can be selected after a specific date or between two specific dates.

Campaign priority should be set against the situation of two different campaigns reaching the SDK.

Select the application as shown in the figure below. Multiple applications can be selected.

Now choose the audience to whom you want to show the in-app message. You can show it to all visitors or you can specify the target through filters. 

The next options include “when to show” and “where to show”. If it is needed some delay or scroll percentage can be added before the message is displayed. Also, pages which in app messages are to be displayed can be selected.


The second step of creating in-app campaigns is to select or create content.

Realtime in-app content can not include customizations
Select any in-app template and you'll see the preview.


Here the summary of the “In-app” campaign will be displayed. You can also edit the settings.

Save the campaign and then activate it.