Introduction to Campaign Automations

Campaign automations allow you to setup dynamic paths for your known and anonymous contacts based on actions taken by that known or anonymous contact. For example, you can send an email campaign to your contacts than wait to see if they click the message and send different follow-up campaigns to those who clicked and to those who did not. 

Use Campaign's Workflow canvas to build simple or multi-step marketing and data management activities on an immediate, triggered, recurring or scheduled basis.

Core Capabilities

dEngage Campaign allows you to design and orchestrate targeted and personalized campaigns on multiple channels: Email, SMS, Mobile Push, Web Push and Custom Channels. A single interface provides you with all the functions required to schedule, configure, personalize, automate, execute and measure all your cross-channel campaigns and data management activities.

The following capabilities are available right from the canvas: 

  • Content - design and send deliveries on various channels: Email, SMS, Mobile Push, Web Push and Custom Channels.

A Campaign Workflow can be initiated directly from a Template.

  • Targeted Segmentation - create targeted audiences using Tables and Segments and use them directly from the Campaign workflow.
  • Data Exports - use campaign workflows to automate your export processes, retarget your contacts on Facebook by updating your Custom Audiences automatically.
  • Automated Data Workflows - start campaigns triggered by automated data import processes from the Automation Jobs. 
  • API/Web Services - trigger campaigns through API/Web services.
  • Reporting & Analytics - view and analyze cross-channel campaign reports and data automation processes directly from the canvas or from the Analytics section.

Campaign Types

You can select from two main types of Campaigns:

  • One-Time Campaign - a single campaign sent to a specified target audience, on the date and time selected. One-time campaigns can include follow-up messages based on actions taken by the target audience. For example you can re-engage those who did not open your Email, SMS or Push message by sending them a follow-up message on the same or different channel.
  • Recurring Campaign - a campaign sent on a recurring basis, with your latest content or products automatically included. For example, you may setup a daily recurring basket abandonment email to all those who left items in their basket.
    • Date-Based Recurrences - campaigns that run continuously on the specified periods of time
    • API/Web Services - API triggered campaigns
    • Automation Jobs - campaigns triggered though automation workflows 

Note that messages sent in response to a user's action, such as purchase confirmation, delivery notification, password reminder, or other user-specific sends are not campaigns. This type of messages are called Transactional Sends, and are configured separately.

Campaign Workflow

Tips and best practices for designing automated workflows:

  • Campaign Nodes Explained - check this page for a list of all the workflow nodes available in the Campaign Automation, along with a breakdown on what they do and how they work.
  • Campaign Use Cases - sample use cases and automation workflows to enhance your customer lifecycle marketing.
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    • Can I edit a running recurring campaign?

      No, you cannot edit an active/running campaign to make the changes. To edit any running campaigns, execute the following procedure: Go to Running Campaigns. Click the active toggle to disable the campaigns.  Build a draft to edit the Campaign.
    • Where can I find a campaign's reporting?

      To find the Campaigns Report, follow these steps: Go to the Analytics menu. Click to Channel Overview. Search your desired campaign report. A list of reports will be displayed on the screen.