Can I add attachment to an email?

Can I add attachment to an email?

Yes, you can add attachments, but only for transactional emails.
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    • Can I add video to an email?

      Yes, but only the link, and the platform will show the preview from the video.
    • How can I create a transactional content (email/push/sms)?

      To create transactional content you can follow these steps for the different channels of content. For Email For SMS For Push
    • Can I create my own email template?

      Yes, you can create your personalized email templates for the users. To create a template: Go to the content tab and click email content. Select add new email content. Choose from the three options which include rich text editor, code editor ( where ...
    • How can I add more than one channel in a campaign?

      You can use all of the channels including Email, push, and SMS in one campaign. To do this you just need to drag the required channels from the campaign workflow in the left block and connect them using wait after selecting the contacts that you want ...
    • Can I add my own UTM parameters?

      Yes, you can definitely add your own UTM parameters based on your choice of specifications.