D·engage Customer Driven Marketing Platform (CDMP)

D·engage Customer Driven Marketing Platform (CDMP)

D·engage Customer Driven Marketing Platform (CDMP) serves as a customer data platform (CDP) with built-in omnichannel marketing features. It replaces your marketing automation and cross-channel campaign management.
The platform positions itself between our client’s data sources and its customers. It is also capable of exporting anonymous data to 3rd party networks such as Oracle Bluekai, Criteo, Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Customer Match to support retargeting and remarketing efforts of our clients.

D·engage CDMP Data Space is at the heart of the CDMP which serves as a scalable and high available relational database where you can store your data and create N:N relations in-between. It is the center of contact & segment management, content management and personalization, campaign management, deliverability tracking and advanced analytics. It also enables any kind of third-party data sources to be integrated and consumed, thus enriching already available dataset of yours and correlating different data pieces together, taking content personalization to a next level.
D·engage Content Personalization Engine (CPE) is one of the key components of the CDMP which enables fingerprint content personalization for the outbound messages. Fed by Data Space, CPE makes it possible to fetch and consume any data from any source and program the content in the relevant contextual scope thus highly customize it.
D·engage Multi-Channel Messaging Platform (MMP) is one of the most powerful features of the D·engage CDMP which is the built-in but can also be deployed standalone. It offers a central management of your digital engagement level with your customers through 4 main channels: e-Mail, SMS, Web Push and Mobile Push.
D·engage Automation Hub allows you to perform automated actions against defined triggers on 4 major channels; e-mail, SMS, Web Push and Mobile Push. It is a powerful module to define and execute bulk jobs against large audiences and exploits the use of real-time data from the Data Space.
D·engage Customer Intelligence serves a reporting and analytics module for tracking the campaigns on the course of their natural cycles. The reports are generated and shared to D·engage CDMP through the graphical user interface or they can directly be exported to the client DWH via open APIs in raw format.

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