Drop Conditions

Drop Conditions

With the drop conditions feature, you can now drop the users from the campaign after the target audience is calculated by the system. 

First of all, create a segment from Data Space -> Segments. You can create interactive or SQL segments to use as a condition but if you want to add variables to that condition, an SQL segment can be used. The variables option is available on just SQL Segments.

Adding variables to the segment

Once the segment is created,  add variables to the condition as shown below.

Here's the description of the fields mentioned above.

Campaign Name: Current campaign name
Campaign Id: Current id of campaign
Campaign Start Time: Campaign’s first execution time.
Campaign Instance Start Time: Campaign’s last execution time.

Campaign start time and instance start time variables are the same for the one-time campaigns.

Use Drop Condition Segments on Journey

After creating drop condition segments, you can select the segments from delivery settings on the campaign creation flow.
Also, you can write SQL queries. SQL query, on the delivery settings page, can only be used for that campaign.

Defined variables (campaign name, campaign id, campaign start time, and campaign instance start time) should be used without any changes.

Segments having variables can not be calculated and selected as the target audience.

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