How can I create a transactional content (email/push/sms)?

How can I create a transactional content (email/push/sms)?

To create transactional content you can follow these steps for the different channels of content.
  1. For Email
  2. For SMS
  3. For Push

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    • How can I create SMS content?

      To create SMS content, follow the below procedure: Go to Content click on SMS. Add new SMS content. Set the content name & sender name. Write the SMS content and save it.  Additionally, if the client required to track the click for the link, they can ...
    • How can I create and launch email content without html?

      To create Email Content without HTML, we have "Drag & Drop Editor". To create through "Drag & Drop Editor", go to content. Click on Email, and add a new email. Choose the "Drag & Drop Editor" to create your email content. In the drag and drop editor, ...
    • Is it possible to create an html email content?

      Yes, surely it's possible to create Html content for the emails. Just go into the content tab. Click add content and select code editor from the content section where you can write HTML and JavaScript code.
    • Can I create my own email template?

      Yes, you can create your personalized email templates for the users. To create a template: Go to the content tab and click email content. Select add new email content. Choose from the three options which include rich text editor, code editor ( where ...
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      Push notifications and emails are both powerful ways to deliver messages to your users. While these two mediums have some similarities, the methods and strategies used in email marketing are quite different than what is required to be successful with ...