I want to insert a dynamic content from a table into a content, how can I do this?

I want to insert a dynamic content from a table into a content, how can I do this?

You can insert the dynamic content from the Master Contact Table by using a customization tag...


If you are using any information within any table for searching data, information.
For any channel, we can insert any information through code snippet.

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      Using the D.engage code snippets you can personalize content for each contact to provide a tailored experience to the users. To create a code snippet you need to go to the code snippet section under the content tab in the CDMP. You can choose between ...
    • Is it possible to create an html email content?

      Yes, surely it's possible to create Html content for the emails. Just go into the content tab. Click add content and select code editor from the content section where you can write HTML and JavaScript code.
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      After creating the content, send content to the audience in the following way: Click on the options button to go to create campaign option. Select the audience using any segment/table of your choice. The system will generate a campaign, where you can ...
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      To create Email Content without HTML, we have "Drag & Drop Editor". To create through "Drag & Drop Editor", go to content. Click on Email, and add a new email. Choose the "Drag & Drop Editor" to create your email content. In the drag and drop editor, ...
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