Incremental Logs

Incremental Logs

An incremental log export option has been added to the “Data Export node”  at automated flow screens. With this option, you can export transactional sends, events or tags reports.

There are different columns for different channel logs.  We are supporting “Big Query’s” and “Microsoft SQL” as a Remote Target. Before execution all columns should be created on the client's side.
This export node can only work once a day.
Let's go through the steps one by one.

First of all create an “automated flow” by adding “recurring” option as shown below.

Set time for “recurring trigger” and hit Ok button to save changes.

Now add “ Data Export ” node to the flow.

Select incremental logs as data source.

Hit the Next button and you'll see the following window. 

Click the option that you want to see incremental logs for.

You can also have a look at column details as shown in the figure below.

Click the Next button and select the remote target.

Hit Next and you'll see the following screen.

Hit the Save button and the file will be exported.

The log file will look like this.

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