Multi-brand Unsubscribe

Multi-brand Unsubscribe

he multi-brand feature is available for SMS and Email. With this new feature, you can add brand definition and choose “From Names” or “Sender Names” for Email or SMS receptively. Then you have to create an Unsubscribe link for a specific brand. Users can unsubscribe from one brand and not from another.

First, you have to define “Brand Definition”.

  • Navigate to “Brand definition” under “Settings” 

Add Brand Definition:
  • Click on the “Add” button to add a new brand. A popup window will appear as shown below 

  • Give a name and choose a channel as either “Email” or “SMS”

  • In case of email, select “From Names”, or “Permission Columns” for your brand and hit the Save button

  • For SMS, choose “Sender Names” and “Permission Columns” for your brand 

  1. Hit the Save button and your record will be added to the list

Update Brand Definition:

  • Once you have added a brand definition, you can update it at any time. Just open a brand definition, make changes, and hit the “Update” button 

  • You’ll see a success message on updating the record as shown below 

Delete a Brand Definition:
  • Like an update, you can delete a brand definition by clicking on the delete button at the bottom left corner. you'll see a confirmation pop-up. 

  • Click “Ok” to continue and “Cancel” to go back

creating Email Content::
  1. Create  a new email content
  • Enter values for  “From Name”, ”Reply-To”, “Subject” and  “Pre-header”

  • Add unsubscribe links from the “Insert” option (Customization tags).

  • An added unsubscribe link will be displayed in the editor. You can also send a test email from the “test email” button

  • Save the email template

  • Now choose the “email” template that contains the “brand unsubscribe link”  and create a campaign.

Creating SMS Content:

  1. Create new SMS content by clicking the “Add” button

  • Enter  “sender name” 

  1. Add unsubscribe links in the message field.

  • You can also click the” test” option to send a test “SMS” 


  • Hit the “Save” button to save SMS content and you’ll see a success message

Create a Campaign (E-mail content)

  • Choose “Email” content that contains a “brand unsubscribe link”  and create a  campaign       

  • Enter “Campaign name” and choose the “scheduling” option

  1. Select “Reachable Audience”, select other options like control group, etc., and calculate the result 

  1. Click the “Next” button, “Preview” page will be shown

  1. You can send Emails from the “send test Email” option also
  2. By clicking the “Next” button, you'll be redirected to the “Delivery” page. You can update settings according to your choice.

  1. Click on the “Next” button. Next will be the “Campaign Overflow” page 
  2. You can make any changes here, “save” the campaign or “publish” it

  1. An email will be received from “CDMP” to the concerned email address. 

  1. Click on the link then the notification shows “You are successfully Unsubscribed”

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