Segment sync in CDMP

Segment sync in CDMP

CDMP Segment sync brings you the opportunity to create an Ad Audience from the segment that is automatically synchronized to Facebook and Google. The feature provides you the leverage to create more personalized campaigns across the Google Search Network and Facebook.  Before creating the Ad audience you need to add Facebook or Google accounts to remote targets. Once the accounts are added, you can choose them from the list. 

The step-by-step procedure is as follows:

  • Go to segments under dataspace and create a new segment. 

  • Go to “Ad Audiences” tab and you’ll see Ad networks.

  • From there you can create an Ad audience, just click on the “Create Ad Audience ” button.


  • Choose the platform as Google Ads or Facebook Ads and hit the continue button. I’m choosing Google Ad as an example here. 

  • Choose a google account, audience contact list, and mobile contact list as shown in the screenshot below.

Note: you can choose an audience from the available list or create a new one from the “New Audience” button

  • Click the “Finish” button and check the sync status. 

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