How to Install Shopify Custom App

How to Install Shopify Custom App

Installing the Shopify custom app is an easy and straightforward process but before jumping into the steps, let's have a look at what events are supported by this app.

Events Supported

 Fired At
When the user login
When the user checkout 
When a product is added to the cart 
RemoveFromCart Event
When a product is removed from the cart
HomePageView Event
When the user navigates to the Home  page
CategoryPageView Event
When the user navigates to the Category page
ProductPageView Event
When the user navigates to the Product page
BeginCheckout Event
When the user hit the "checkout"
 Search Event
When the user performs the search

Let's now being with the steps:

Go to and log in there.

Navigate to Apps from the sidebar and click on Create app button.


Now click on the 'Create app manually' and fill in the form.


Give your application a name, an App URL, and an allowed redirection URL. 


For 'APP URL' and 'Allowed Redirection URL', follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Apps-> All Apps and find Dengage public app there. 
  1. On clicking this app, you'll find 'APP URL' and 'Allowed Redirection URL' under the app setup.

Copy this information and paste it into your new app.

Hit the 'Create app' button and you're done creating the app. Once you have created the app, the next step will be app configuration. For configuring your app, go to app setup and fill in all the information. You can find these configurations from the 'Dengage Custom app'--> app setup as mentioned above. 


Save the form once you have filled all the fields. 

App Installation on Merchant Store

The next step is to install the app on the merchant store.

Once the application is created, go to overview from the menu and test your application. Click on the 'Select store' button.


Choose the store and click on the install app button as shown below.


Next, you need to give 'Application id' and 'Account id'. 

How to get 'Application id' and 'Account id'.

You can get these credentials from your CDMP account. Follow the steps below:
  1. Get your CDMP admin panel credential from your administrator and log in to the admin panel.

  2. Click on the settings section in the bottom left corner of your CDMP screen view.

  3. A side drop will appear having various options.

  4. Select the Applications option under the section INTEGRATIONS in the side drop menu.

  5. On the applications, page select your Shopify application out of the given following Active applications (That already had been added).

  6. On the application’s page select the “Actions” option in the top right corner of the page, and a drop-down menu will appear.

  7. Then select the “See Setup Guide” from the appeared drop-down.

  8. Copy the “Application Id” and the “Account Id” from the See setup guide pop-up menu under the Shopify Users section.

Enter the credentials and click on the Submit button.


Congratulations! Your application is installed and configured. You can search your app to make sure it's installed properly as shown below.



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