The Ideal Email Frequency

The Ideal Email Frequency

The Ideal Email Frequency

Everyone who works with large mailings would like to find out what is the ideal frequency to send emails, we always want to send enough to get a response, but not too much to disturb the customer. Our experience shows sending a new campaign roughly twice a week is optimal.

You shouldn't send too many emails, because people become annoyed and start unsubscribing messages, or even worse, they start pressing that terrible button called SPAM. According to some studies, about 65% of people unsubscribe emailers because their mail box get a lot messages from one unique sender. 
And the probability of losing subscribers isn’t the only problem of over-sending. You probably also wind up facing…
  1. Less engagement
  2. More complaints
  3. Lowered sender reputation
  4. More spam complaints

Understand your customer journey

The customer journey plays an important role in determining email cadence. Understanding the customer journey will help you better predict when to deliver the right content at the right time.

By counting your email delivery quantity according to your customer's needs, you guide them through the journey without overwhelming them. This will lead to higher opening levels and higher clicks. 

What do you sell and how big is your company?

Subscribers, without even realizing it, have varying expectations for email frequency based on a company’s size and industry.

Who’s sending daily or almost daily emails?

Customers, without even realizing it, have different expectations for email frequency based on company size and industry.

Booking sites send small amounts of flights or hotels, usually based on their latest searches and possible destinations similar to those same searches.

Streaming companies send large amounts of content, to open up a range of possibilities for clicks.

Massive retailers and sites with large catalogs. They offer lots of sales, roll out lots of new products and have a large number of users.

Take a look at your audience

Email marketing aims to serve the public. Understanding your customers' needs will determine the rate at which your emails are sent.
For example, if your audience is B2B people, sending them one email a day would be annoying. Their inboxes are usually cluttered and time is something they don't have much. On the other hand, if your audience is stock market investors, you will be emailing more often because of the financial market.
In that case, your audience (and industry) is the best place to start figuring out how often you should email your customers.

What is your competitors doing?

If you haven't subscribed to your competitors' mailing lists yet, you should, especially if you're determined to surpass them (if you haven't already). Watch how often they send out emails. It's very interesting to see what your competitors are doing right and wrong with their email marketing - so you can avoid your mistakes and overcome your successes.

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