Blackout Feature

Blackout Feature

The blackout feature is used to prevent reaching customers outside of the specified hours. This feature can only be used in recurring journeys.

 The minimum and maximum recurring time restrictions for a blackout journey are 30 mins to 6 hours.

The blackout feature can be selected on a journey basis, not on the basis of sending. 
To utilize this amazing feature, Navigate to settings and specify the earliest and latest time for the blackout.

After specifying times, a blackout can be activated on the delivery settings page.

Now create a recurring campaign and specify the recurring time.

Add audience, any platform Email, SMS, etc., and wait time to the campaign flow.

click on “delivery settings” and go to the Blackout tab.

Enable the blackout option by clicking on the toggle button.

Exclude the channels from blackout according to your choice and hit the save button.

Now publish the campaign. 

The users will not receive email, push, SMS etc. during the blackout time duration. You can view history also as shown i the figure below.
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