How to Use Shopify Coupons in Recurring Campaigns

How to Use Shopify Coupons in Recurring Campaigns

You can create generic as well as unique coupon codes in D·engage platform for your Shopify Store and use them in recurring campaigns.

In this article, you'll get to know how to send Shopify discount coupons to users through email.  Before getting started, ensure that you have integrated with Shopify and you know how to create Discount Coupons 

First of all, create a segment and add the users to whom you want to send coupon codes. Make sure that users have email permission enabled. 

Now create a recurring campaign as shown in the figure below.

Give a unique name to the campaign and add a recurring period to it.

Save these details and hit the next button.

Next, specify the target audience by selecting the segment you just created.

Add the Shopify coupon node to the campaign canvas and specify the coupon code as shown in the figure below.

Enter coupon id, select coupon type as general or unique, and hit the Ok button.

Now add the Email node to the campaign and specify the email code as “{%=$Current.coupon_code%}”

Add wait to campaign and then publish the campaign.

Users will receive the emails containing the coupon codes as shown below.

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