January 2022

January 2022

D·engage New Year Release 2022

Starting a New year with new features!

With this new year, we are back with some exciting features which will not only fulfill your business needs but will also make work exciting. We are very happy to announce that improvements have been made to existing features and also we have some new integrations. Without wasting any time let’s jump into what we have achieved this time. 

  1.  Multi-language support

Starting with the most interesting feature, multi-language support, D.engage is now available in 80 languages! With this feature, you can create content in different languages which will be easily processed by our system. You just need to set the language for your account and choose that language while creating content. 

Read our documentation to know more about how to use this feature.

  1. Multi-Brand 

The second feature on the list is multi-brand unsubscribe. The multi-brand feature is now available for SMS and Email. You can now add brand definition and choose “From Names” or “Sender Names” for Email or SMS. Users can unsubscribe from one brand and not from another. For more details and  information, head up to the following link:

  1.  Contact Extension

If you want to add multiple information against a single contact in your database, Dengage has got you covered.

Contact extension will make you able to send the communication to any or to all contact details of every single user - within automation programs or single sends. You can utilize this amazing feature by just creating a contact type, uploading it, and then using it in the campaign. 

Here’s the complete guide on the contact extension feature:

  1. Shopify Discount Coupons Codes

As an enhancement to Dengage-shopify integration, we have introduced discount coupons too.  Now you can create both unique and generic coupon codes in D·engage platform and use them in your Shopify Store. These codes can be inserted into the email and SMS. 

  1. Survey Monkey

One more integration! Now you can import survey responses directly into your D·engage account, enabling you to enrich your customer data and to build segments based on audience responses. You will get customer feedback from contacts already available and segment campaigns based on tags for creating more personalized communication.

Hit the following link to get the most out of it:

  1. Magento Integration

D·engage is now able to integrate with the most popular e-commerce platform - Magento. Integrating with D·engage is a couple of steps that provide ease and flexibility to your team. All your data - contacts, products, and orders will be easily synced from your Magento platform to D·engage CDMP.

  1. Push-Expiry

We understand that you might need to set an expiration time for Push Notification.  The Push Expiry feature has been designed to specify the expiry time for push messages – you can do it yourself, putting in exact hours and minutes.