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What's New

Here's What's New in dEngage


June 05, 2020

New Features Available with this Release:

  • Importing and Using Data from Amazon Redshift and Google Big Query

  • Sending Push Notifications to Huawei Devices

  • Using Reply-To Address in Email

We're happy to announce that you you can use the "Remote Sources" feature to import data from Amazon Redshift and Google Big Query. You can write your own database query (SQL script) to retrieve data from a remote data source and use that data to build audiences to be used in your cross-channel campaigns.

We also have extended our Push Notifications capabilities and added the Huawei SDK allowing you to send Push Notifications to Huawei devices.

Additional improvement was made to Email Content creation, from now on you can add "Reply-to" address to get feedbacks from your email sends.


May 21, 2020

Improvements to Mobile Push Notifications & Automated Data Jobs

We’re happy to announce the arrival of mobile “Rich(er) Push Notifications”, starting with a Carousel layout for both Android and iOS platforms. Carousel push notifications enable you to make a single push message more engaging and interactive than ever before.

Action Buttons were also added to Rich Notifications. 

Additional improvements were made to Automated Data Jobs. You can now automatically trigger a Campaign directly from an automated data workflow with the introduction of the Fire Campaign option. 


May 01, 2020

New Feature "Campaign Automation"

Marketers need a centralized tool to design, execute, automate and report multi-channel, multi-device experiences. For this reason we have developed a brand new module that lets you coordinate all marketing and data management activities from an intuitive drag-and-drop canvas.


April 2020

Improvements to "Send Tracking" Reports

Reporting is the compass that guides your customer engagement: reports help you pinpoint your strengths and bring light into areas that needs to be reevaluated. For this reason we have made some improvements to our existing Email, SMS and Mobile Push reports.


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